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Robotized 3D scanner

High performance instrument, suitable to scan both outdoors and indoors. Thanks to its laser technology, it can reconstruct 3D solid models starting from objects with every form, dimension and complexity. The extreme precision in the survey of points and surfaces assure an exact reconstruction of the scanned object. This instrument, born from 100% Italian research (CNR), can be used manually like a common 3D scanner, but also in synergy with their anthropomorphic robots gaining the skill, unique in this sector, of reconstructing clouds of points independently, without further actions needed on the digital realignment of the scanned model.

 Anthropomorphic robots

Two robotized islands with two high precision anthropomorphic robots (7 interpolated axes) are the state of the art of technology for the stone processing. The vast working area, until 2.5 meters of height, allow the creation of big and full-round works. Besides the big variety of tools for the processing of every type of marble and stone, there is also the possibility to work materials for the rapid prototyping: plastics, polystyrene, resins, etc. These machines, together with their powerful softwares, can perform complex operations with extreme easiness: the results of the creation of human or abstract figures are qualitatively excellent. Going from the scale model or the solid model (created on a PC) to the final realization has never been that easy.

 CNC work centre

CNC work centre (5 interpolated axes) to work with blocks, solids and marble slabs, granite, naturalstone veneer and glass. It makes every kind of drilling, milling, cutting with blades, contouring, shaping, recessing, polishing, carving, engraving, chamfering, 3d writing and processing. With one of the biggest working areas available, this machine can make big lots with precision and high rapidity.

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Le Pietre Splendenti - Castiglione di Garfagnana

From 10 August to 15 September 2019 in Castiglione di Garfagnana it will be possible to admire 18 sculptures, in different marbles, created during the seven editions of the workshop Digital Stone Project.

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Marmusculum: the exhibition of the Digital Stone Project VII

Saturday 29 June we are waiting for you at the opening of the exhibition “Marmusculum”, the exhibition that brings together the works created during the Digital Stone Project VII.

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Digital Stone Project VII opening

Sunday 2nd June starts the Digital Stone Project. We look forward to the opening!

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Bando pubblico Garfagnana Innovazione 2019

Oggetto del bando è l’individuazione di piccole imprese per l’insediamento o l’adesione all’incubatore di Gramolazzo “Garfagnana Innovazione”.

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Nasce UTOPICAdesign: vieni a trovarci a Marmomac 2018

Un nuovo marchio è nato dall’unione di tre aziende italiane specializzate in tutti i campi della lavorazione della pietra: Garfagnana Innovazione, Ma.C.S e Silvestri Marmi.

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Garfagnana Innovazione ti aspetta a Marmomac 2018

Marmomac 2018, la Fiera di marmo, design e tecnologie è ormai alle porte! Dal 26 al 29 settembre 2018 negli spazi espositivi di Verona Fiera si terrà il più importante appuntamento internazionale del settore litico.

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