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The future of the stone industry in Garfagnana

Garfagnana Innovazione was born as a project in 2011 as an initiative of the municipality of Minucciano, with the aim of developing a new facility in order to create a local Garfagnana’s stones fabrication hub for the materials exploited from the nearby quarries.

The major marble extraction companies of the territory are members of Garfagnana Innovazione:

  • Cooperativa Apuana Vagli,
  • Acquabianca Marmi,
  • Cave Focolaccia,
  • Bianco Royal,
  • Stone One.

The headquarters is located in a territory with high environmental values, in the Natural Park of Apuan Alps, near the lake of Gramolazzo and the historical centre of the village.


The initiative aims to be a way to increase the employment and the development in the entire area of Garfagnana withthe use high technology applied to stone processing in order to enhance advanced technologies and the manual skills that are traditionally used in these territories. Highly qualified staff has been employed, opening the field for collaborations with other people interested in this project. In the headquarters there are 10 fully equipped spaces, who are are assigned every 3 years to new companies and artisans of the stone industry, at very competitive costs to help the start up status of their activities. Garfagnana Innovazione offers highly innovative services, both in the researching and consulting for the materials and their fabrication processes.

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Nasce UTOPICAdesign: vieni a trovarci a Marmomac 2018

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