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Digital Stone Project VII


Digital Stone Project 2019

Workshop 2019

The digital sculpture project “Digital Stone Project” was born from a signed agreement between Garfagnana Innovazione S.r.l. and Digital Stone Project, a Not For profit technology organization based in the USA born in 2005 from a group of sculptors that serves artists, architects, designers of all the world and the public at large by providing them with the means and knowledge necessary to realize innovative three-dimensional works of art using digital technologies.

Workshop, for a month (from June 2nd to June 30th), this year’s seventh edition, will see the best students selected by the most important Mondial Universities to carry out their digital work thanks to the robot sculptors programmed by Garfagnana Innovazione’s technicians, high performance machines of high quality and precision for working stone material. Each artist will be engaged in making a marble sculpture, first blasted with a 7-axis robot, and then hand-finished.

Garfagnana Innovazione’s robots work on marble blocks of dimensions that reach even about three and a half meters of height and 20 tons of weight. The new digital tools help to bring the robot closer to the design process. The Digital Stone Project work group of last summer used 3D scanners and virtual reality tools to perform digital marble sculpture.

Art and sculpture connected to the most advanced technologies and digital tools to create innovative stone works of art. Technology and art, research and innovation, the highest levels of creative expression through the use of 3D technology. A unique manifestation, a combination of digital abstractness and manual concreteness. An event now a landmark in the field of sculptural art and its applications connected to the most advanced technology.

The artists at work and their works can be admired in Gramolazzo at our office until next June 27/28 and then, once completed, will be exhibited throughout the month of July.

Do not miss the inauguration of the event on Sunday, June 2 at our headquarters.

This is the program:
-  Greetings from the authorities;
-  presentation of Digital Stone Project VII by: Stefano Coiai (Garfagnana Innovazione CEO) e Jon Isherwood (DSP President);
-  vegetal sculpture performance by Claudio Menconi;
-  inauguration of Digital Stone Project VII;
-  rich buffet with typical Garfagnana products.

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