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Techniques of painting and sculpture

Techniques of painting and sculpture


Training Center

Art classes

Basic sculptural technique

This class offers to the students the opportunity of knowing and experimenting manual techniques of stone carving. Using the traditional methods of the sculptor and the stonecutter, class teaches the techniques to transfer our projects and ideas on the rough block , giving a form to our creativity. It provides the use (with the help of an expert teacher) of mallet, chisel and jackhammer. Experience is not required.

Advanced sculptural technique

Addressed to people with at least a basic knowledge, this class provides the students with the essential technical information to carve marble and allow to refine our capacities with the acquisition of new and more professional ways of working. It provides the use of traditional tools, mechanic (compressed air hammers) and electrical (handtool with diamond disk) tools.

Plastic molded

This class offers to the students the skills to create full-round or bas-relief figures using soft materials (clay, plasticine) to realize simple forms or complex forms with an iron “skeleton”. It is a good opportunity for the people who want to remake works of art from the past but also to create forms following their own fantasy.


This class aims to teach the painting techniques of the past, using natural pigments of natural, vegetal and animal origin. Paintings on paper, wood or canvas are realized using oil, eggs and melted wax techniques., the symbolic and historic meaning of natural colours during the centuries is also taught In addition to the making of personal works or copies of artworks from the past.

The classes only take place when there are enough participants, a different number of people is needed for each class. Contact us for more information.

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Exhibition “CNC - CarboNatodiCalcio” opening

Saturday, June 30 starting at 17.30 at Villa Bertelli, via Mazzini 200 in Forte dei Marmi, the opening of the exhibition “CNC - CarboNatodiCalcio” the exhibition that collects the works created during the Digital Stone Project VI.

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Digital Stone Project VI opening

We are pleased to invite you to the inauguration of the event on Sunday, 3 June at 10.30 am. Digital Stone Project is about to begin!

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Garfagnana Innovazione and POR CreO 2014-2020: Wings to your ideas

Internationalization Project Operation

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A Marmomac con Alper Derinbogaz

Walls alla mostra Soul of City (The Italian Stone Theatre).

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We’re waiting for you at Marmomac 2017

Come and visit us in Verona from September 27th to 30th at our booth.

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“Metamorphic Resonance” Exhibition Opening

We are delighted to invite you on Saturday July 1st to the Digital Stone Conference, and to the Metamorphic Resonance exhibition, the event that will show the 15 sculptures realized during the Digital Stone Project V.

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