The future of the stone industry in Garfagnana

The future of the stone industry in Garfagnana

The goal is to develop the production chain in the stone industry in Garfagnana and to increase the local processing system for the extracted materials.

Il futuro del settore lapideo in Garfagnana
Marble processing

Marble processing

We bring the stone industry into the future!

Digital Stone Project

Digital Stone Project

See the works created in the latest edition: Metamorphic Resonance

Il workshop

The sectors of intervention of Garfagnana Innovazione

Technological center Marble processing

With state-of-the-art machinery and cutting-edge technology, Garfagnana Innovazione is a reference point for marble processing.

Training Center

Technical and artistic training courses and two laboratories, both traditional and technological, are the cornerstones with which Garfagnana Innovazione invests in the occupational future in the stone sector.

Business Incubator

Garfagnana Innovation aims to promote economic development and job creation through the integration of technologies, know-how and capital to encourage the growth of new business.

Ultime notizie

Exhibition “CNC - CarboNatodiCalcio” opening

Saturday, June 30 starting at 17.30 at Villa Bertelli, via Mazzini 200 in Forte dei Marmi, the opening of the exhibition “CNC - CarboNatodiCalcio” the exhibition that collects the works created during the Digital Stone Project VI.

Digital Stone Project VI opening

We are pleased to invite you to the inauguration of the event on Sunday, 3 June at 10.30 am. Digital Stone Project is about to begin!

2017 edition Digital Stone Project

The Digital Stone Project (DSP) is a Not For profit technology organization based in the USA that serves artists, architects, designers and the public at large by providing them with the means and knowledge necessary to realize innovative three-dimensional works of art using digital technologies. Digital Stone Project and Garfagnana Innovazione have established a constant collaboration, organizing an annual event (in 2016 to the fourth edition) to bring artists, designers and architects giving them the opportunity to realize their works by combining classic sculpting methods and working with new technologies to get experimental, explorative, and visually impressive work.